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It's all about you! I take great pride in personalizing your marriage ceremony.  I  will work with you to find the words that capture your love for one another, your personalities that are uniquely your own, and your story. On your wedding day I will help you deliver with ease and joy. You will be in the light.



To celebrate your vows of love and commitment, you may wish to incorporate one of the creative additions below. I also welcome your ideas and traditions.


Your ideal ceremony awaits!

Champagne Ceremony

This is a festive way to transition to a reception. Champagne flutes are presented to the couple and their guests. The bride and groom toast one another for the first time as a married couple.

Hand Ceremony

The bride and groom face one another holding hands, palms up so that each may see the gift that hands represent. I read a passage that speaks of loving and supporting hands.

Hand Binding

"Tying the knot" can be traced back to Celtic tradtion. Cords are placed around the couple's hands to symbolize being bound together as one family.

Couples with Children

I take great delight in helping couples involve their child or children in the ceremony. I have many suggestions for meaningful ways to include them.

Sand Ceremony

This marks the joining of two lives, families and friends. Two containers of sand are poured into a third vessel.  As the grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into the individual containers, so will your marriage be.

Ring Warming

Your wedding rings are passed among the guests who are asked to warm them with love and blessings of health, happiness and a good life togther.

Rose Ceremony

You may choose to present each other with a rose as a first gift to one another after marriage. You may also choose to present roses to your parents or mothers in gratitude for their love.

Memorial Candle

Lighting a memorial candle prior to the ceremony can be a way to honour the memory of a deceased loved one.

Love  Letter Ceremony

Like a time capsule, letters to one another are locked away in a keepsake container to be re-opened at a later date as a way to celebrate and remember  your love and feelings for one another at the time of your wedding.

Breaking of the Glass

In this tradition, a glass is wrapped in a cloth and steppped on by the groom at the end of the ceremony to symbolize both the permanence and frailty of marriage. Mazel Tov! Good Fortune!

Unity Candle

This consists of lighting two candles by the couple or two family members . After the pronouncement, the bride and groom light the unity candle with these two, lit candles. This symbolizes the merging of two individuals, their families and friends.

A stone is given to each guest who is asked to think of a loving wish for the couple while holding the stone. These are then collected and held in a vessel as a keepsake for the newly married couple.

Stone Ceremony

© 2015 by Bruce Halliday Alberta Marriage Commissioner and wedding officiant. Ceremony by Bruce.

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